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Commercial Cleaning

Office Care and Cleaning:
We specialize in maintaining the look your office needs to project a well-organized and well maintained operation. Ensure all areas are clean and arranged in a tidy fashion prior to leaving.
Trash Removal:
Dump individual office trash cans. Empty area trash containers. Remove building or organizational trash. Remove and process classified and sensitive trash.
Furniture Cleaning:
Dust and polish desk and furniture. Clean partitions. Clean ventilators and replace filters.
Floor Cleaning:
Dry and wet floor. Special handling as required.

Floor Maintenance

Floor Maintenance:
Let us make you shine. We do tile, vinyl, concrete, masonry, laminates.
Wet Mop/Sweep:
Wash entire floor and hall areas. We will also move and clean behind and under furniture if you desire.
Buff, Strip and Refinish:
We employ industrial strength chemical stripping solutions to make sure your floor is outstandingly clean. Then we apply a high quality commercial grade of long lasting wax.

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and Fabric Care
Shampoo and Steam Extraction
Rotary unit and steam extraction with carpet van and carpet cleaning
Dry Extraction


Window Cleaning

Brighten your day with a clean look at the world. We can provide daily, weekly, monthly or on demand window cleaning.
We use only biodegradable products.
We employ only the best-trained professionals.
We can handle indoor and outdoor.

Construction Clean-Up

Construction Cleanup:
We can take care of basic cleanup, rubbish removal, and opening preparations.
Basic Cleanup:
Sweep area, empty trash containers, dust control.
Rubbish Removal:
Remove residual building materials, empty on site trash containers.
Opening Service:
Final cleaning of all surfaces, wash and wax floors, clean windows, arrange furniture, restroom cleaning and servicing, office cleaning, light fixture cleaning, ventilation cleaning, wall spotting.

What We Offer

Who We Service

Competitive Prices
Fully Insured & Bonded

Free Estimates
Family Owned and Operated
Flexible Schedules
Flexible Payment Terms
Individually Tailored Cleaning Programs

Malls/Retail Stores

Industrial Parks
Medical Centers

Realty Companies
New & Old Construction
Store & Supermarkets
Manufacturing Companies
Property Management Companies
And More....

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